Jewellery Wipes

Jewellery wipes make cleaning gold and silver jewellery as easy as putting it on. It applies and anti-tarnish shield to help your jewellery retain its lustre. Is is dry and be can be reused many times.

How to use
1. Remove 1 dry wipe from the compact box.
2. Rub jewellery with the wipe to remove dirt and tarnish.
3. Some residue from the wipe may appear on your fingers and jewellery. This residue is not dirt
4. I normally recommend polishing with a soft damp cloth if there is any residue left on the item. It is a good idea to rinse earrings to make sure there is not residue left on the posts. Also wash your hands with soap and water to remove any residue
5. The wipes do not dry out and can be used over and over again. Simply pop it back in the container for next time

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