I picked this acorn whilst out walking with my Dalmatian dog Luna, in Tring Hertfordshire. It is cast in sterling silver and can be gold plated or cast in gold if desired.

The acorn comes from the same tree that I used for the silver oak leaf, so it’s nice to know they are related!

The original acorn was 3d scanned, which allows me to cast different sizes that are identical. Currently I have 2 sizes.

It can be combined with a large or small oak leaf as a pendant. It also comes as drop and stud earrings and can be added to a bracelet. Please have a look at the gallery.

Chain lengths are available from 16 to 30 inches with a unique scroll clasp.

The large acorn is 21mm height including small ring weighing approximately 12.5gms. The small acorn is 14.5mm x 8mm. in height and weighs approximately 4gms

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